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3 Way Tilting Vices - Super Precision

3 Way Tilting Vices - Super Precision

Product Brief

Tilting vices provide for 3 axis setting of the workpiece in special milling, drilling, grinding, Shaping and jig boring applications

Vices have 2 angular slides which allow the work piece to be set at any desired angle - 45° tilting range on either sides and 90° vertical indexing. The 360° swivel base further allows rotation along the vertical axis

Manufactured from close grained hi-tensile seasoned cast iron with fully hardened and ground tool steel jaws: Vices have a premium polychrommatic finish

Ergonomically designed all steel handle allows for stress free operation. It is assembled on the spindle crank with a spring loaded mechanism providing positive grip

Use of hi-tensile grade 10.8 fasteners provides strength and rigidity to these vices

Relief in clamp seat ensures complete surface contact as against a line contact between the "Hold Down" clamp and movable slide, thereby providing firm locking at any desired angle

A milled slot in the vice base allows for accurate location of the vice on the machine table using rectangular locating nuts. "Hold Down" slots allow for secure clamping of the vice on the work table



Movement along the first angular slide, 0-90°

Movement along the tilting scale, 0-45°

Rotation along the swivel base

A combination of settings along the 3 scales

Ordering Information

Cat. Nr.   Ordering Nr.   Jaw Width   Jaw Opening   Jaw Depth   Net Wt. Each
Inch   mm   Inch   mm   Inch   mm   Kg
 TLT/SP/50   35020   2   50   2   50   1   25   4.000
 TLT/SP/75   35021   3   75   3   75   1.5/16   34   10.700
 TLT/SP/100   35022   4   100   4   100   1-1/2   38   20.500
 TLT/SP/125   35026   5   125   5   125   1.3/4   45   36.000
 TLT/SP/150   35027   6   150   6   150   1.3/4   45   54.000


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