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Polishing brushes

Polishing brushes

Made of natural stiff bristle for longer retention of Diamond Compounds, resulting in improved polishing operations. All types are supplied on 3/32” spindles (2.35mm).

Product Type Diameter Length Shank Code
hard bristle brush 6mm Type A Hard Bristle 12mm 33mm 2.35mm 321401
Type A Hard Bristle 9mm 33mm 2.35mm 321402
Type A Hard Bristle 6mm 36mm 2.35mm 321403
hard bristle brush 22mm Type B Hard Bristle 22mm 37mm 2.35mm 321405
Type B Hard Bristle 19mm 37mm 2.35mm 321406
Type B Hard Bristle 16mm 37mm 2.35mm 321407
  Spindle for Brush Insert       2.35mm 321413
hard bristle brush 12mm American Cup Hard Bristle 12mm 38mm 2.35mm 321415
hard bristle brush 7mm Junior Cup Black Bristle 7mm 37mm 2.35mm 321425

Supra ME Brushes

Miniature mandrel-mounted end brushes are available in a wide variety of sizes. One-piece ferrule construction ensures that the stem and ferrule will not become separated during use. Plastic ferrules are available to prevent scratching when used for interior polishing work. In the table below, please note that those brushes with a style number containing the letter “P” have plastic ferrules, which are slightly larger than stated diameter. All other ferrules are metal. Hard and soft bristle types are made of animal hair. Nylon end brushes consist of 0.018" strands of 500 grit silicon carbide. Our .003" wire end brushes are straight while .005" diameter wire end brushes are crimped. Maximum operating speed: 15,000rpm.

Product Type Diameter Length Shank Code
hard bristle brush 321419 Hard Bristle 3/16in 1/4in 1/8in 321419
Soft Bristle 3/16in 1/4in 1/8in 321417
soft bristle brush 321418 Hard Bristle 1/4in 3/8in 1/8in 321420
Soft Bristle 1/4in 3/8in 1/8in 321418
hard bristle brush 321447 Hard Bristle 1/4in 1/2in 1/8in 321447
hard bristle supra brush 321448 Hard Bristle 1/4in 3/4in 1/8in 321448
steel wire brush Hard Bristle 5/16in 9/16in 1/8in 321449
Steel Wire 5/16in 9/16in 1/8in 321458
Brass Wire 5/16in 9/16in 1/8in 321459
hard bristle supra me brush 321451 Hard Bristle 3/16in 1/4in 3/32in 321450
Soft Bristle 3/16in 1/4in 3/32in 321451
brass wire brush Steel Wire 3/16in 1/4in 3/32in 321456
Brass Wire 3/16in 1/4in 3/32in 321457
supra me brushes 321452 Hard Bristle 3/16in 1/2in 3/32in 321452
supra me brushes soft bristle Hard Bristle 1/4in 3/8in 3/32in 321453
Soft Bristle 1/4in 3/8in 3/32in 321454

Supra MM Brushes

Miniature mandrel-mounted wheel and cup brushes are made with solid steel ring construction for durability. Brush filaments are permanently anchored in the solid steel ring and uniformly distributed for even wear. Great for flat, curved, small and hard-to-reach surfaces. Hard and soft bristle types are made of animal hair. Wire brushes constructed of .003" crimped brass, .003" or .005" crimped steel or .005" crimped stainless steel. Maximum operating speed: 15,000rpm.


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