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Ceramic Stones

Ceramic Stones


  • Perfect for Precise finishing of detailed surfaces, curves, ribs, bosses, etc., of various forming dies (especially plastic dies).
  • High finishing efficiency can be attained without clogging, even for metals such as aluminum, copper, gun metal, etc., which clogs with common finishers.
  • Use on narrow areas where other stones cannot be used because of breaking.
  • Use on complex shapes where uniform finishing could not be attained.
  • Meister Finisher finishes coarse surfaces after electro-discharge machining.

  • High finishing efficiency is realised by the crystal structure of the alumina fibres, which is optimum for finishing.
  • Finishing efficiency and strength have been improved by the two way liner structure, which prevents side slipping.
  • High accuracy of surfaces can be attained by the uniform fibre diameter.
  • No dropping of abrasive grain particles that can create linear scratches.
  • Little heat generation that minimises workpiece alteration and finisher deterioration.
  • Various finisher shapes can be used according to purpose.


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